Taxonomic notes on Ecuadorian <i>Adelpha, </i>with the description of two new species and<i> </i>seven new subspecies<i> </i>(Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Limenitidinae).


  • K. R. Willmott
  • J. P. W. Hall


Adelpha attica hemileuca n ssp, Adelpha hesterbergi n sp, Adelpha hyas hewitsoni n ssp, Adelpha iphicleola thessalita n ssp, Adelpha iphiclus estrecha n ssp, Adelpha lamasi n sp, Adelpha radiata aiellae n ssp, Adelpha radiata explicator n ssp, Adelpha salus emmeli n ssp, bait trapping, Bolivia, Brazil, Canal Zone, Central America, Chocd, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, endemism, Mexico, mimicry, Neotropical, Panama, Paraguay, perching behavior, Peru, premontane rainforest, ridgetop, South America, taxonomy, Venezuela


Two new species and seven new subspecies of Adelpha Hübner, [1819], are described from Ecuador (Adelpha attica hemileuca n. ssp., Adelpha hesterbergi n. sp., Adelpha hyas hewitsoni n. ssp., Adelpha iphicleola thessalita n. ssp., Adelpha iphiclus estrecha n. ssp., Adelpha lamasi n. sp., Adelpha radiata aiellae n. ssp., Adelpha radiata explicator n. ssp., Adelpha salus emmeli n. ssp.). The taxonomy and synonymy of Adelpha serpa (Boisduval, 1836) and related species, and Adelpha iphiclus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Adelpha iphicleola (H. W. Bates, 1864), are discussed and a number of taxonomic changes made.