Nymphalidae of central Rondônia, Brazil: Melitaeinae, with descriptions of two new species.

  • G. T. Austin
  • T. C. Emmel
Keywords: Bolivia, Castilia, Castilia longala n sp, C Amer, Chlosyne, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Eresia, Eresia fraterna n sp, genitalia, Guatemala, Hesperiidae, Lycaenidae, Mazia, Mexico, Neotropical, Ortilia, Peru, phenology, S Amer, taxonomy, Tegosa, Telenassa, USA, variation


Fourteen species of Melitaeinae (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) were recorded in the vicinity of Cacaulândia, in central Rondônia, Brazil. All are illustrated. Two of these are previously undescribed: Eresia fratema n. sp. and Castilia longala n. sp. Eresia plagiata extensa (Hall), n. comb., is transferred from E. nauplius. Comments on variation and phenology are given for all species. Figures of the genitalia are included for those taxa and sexes not previously illustrated.