Lacturidae, new family (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea).

  • J. B. Heppner
Keywords: Africa, Aictis, Anticrates, Australian, Bismarck Is, Borneo, Callithrinca, Celastraceae, Central America, Chile, Congo, Costa Rica, distribution, Epopsia, Ethiopian, Eustixis, Guatemala, Gymnogramma, hostplants, India, Indonesia, Lactura, LACTURIDAE new family, larvae, Megalopygidae, Mexico, Micronesia, Micropterigidae, Moraceae, morphology, Nearctic, Neotropical, New Guinea, North America, Nosymna, Oriental, Papuan, Philippines, pupae, Pyralidae, Samoa, Sapotaceae, Sarawak, Sikkim, Somabrachyidae, South Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, taxonomy, Thyridectis, Toiana, Trychnomera, USA, Yponomeutidae, Yponomeutoidea, Zygaenidae


The pantropical family LACTURIDAE, new family, is given a formal description and compared with other families in Zygaenoidea.