<i>Loranthomitoura</i>, a new genus of Eumaeini (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Theclinae).

  • G. R. Ballmer
  • G. F. Pratt
Keywords: Arawacus, Atlides, California, Callophryina, Callophrys, Chlorostrymon, Cupressaceae, Cyanophrys, Durango, Erora, Eumaeus, Fabaceae, Fixsenia, Habrodais, Harkenclenus, Hemiargus, Hypaurotis, immature stages, Incisalia, larvae, Leguminosae, Loranthomitoura n gen, Mexico, Ministrymon, Mitoura, Nearctic, Neotropical, New Mexico, North America, Sandia, Satyrium, Sonora, Strymon, Theclini, Viscaceae, Xamia


Loranthomitoura, new genus, is described for five North American hairstreak butterflies which utilize Arceuthobium as a larval host. These species were previously placed in the genus Mitoura with other taxa which utilize hosts in the Cupressaceae. Separation of Loranthomitoura from Mitoura is based primarily on characteristics of the immature stages, especially first instar chaetotaxy. Larval and adult features indicate that Loranthomitoura may have greater affinity with Incisalia.