New and additional records of Costa Rican butterflies.

  • G. T. Austin
Keywords: Actinote, Adelpha, Anteos, Anthanassa, Ascia, Brassolis, butterflies, Caligo, Callidulidae, Castilia, Catoblepia, Chlosyne, Cissia, Costa Rica, Cyllopsis, distribution, Dynamine, Ectima, Epiphile, Eresia, Eunica, Euptychia, Eurema, Eurytides, Haematera, Heliconius, Junonia, Lieinix, Morpho, Napeogenes, Nymphalidae, Panacea, Papilionidae, Parides, Pereute, Pieridae, Pteronymia, Pyrrhogyra, Siproeta, Taygetis


Seven butterfly species, Lieinix poasina, Eurema agave, Adelpha massilia, Junonia genoveva, Castilia griseobasalis, Morpho catenarius and Caligo oedipus, are reported as new to the Costa Rican fauna. Three additional species were reported for the country since the publication of DeVries (1987). Numerous other records are presented which extend the known distribution and flight season in Costa Rica.