Immature stages of Chloreuptychia marica (Weymer, 1911) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae: Satyrini)


  • Rafael Tejeira
  • Rodrigo Ccahuana
  • Thalia Hurtado
  • Shinichi Nakahara
  • Joseph See
  • Maryzender Rodríguez-Melgarejo
  • Thalia Corahua-Espinoza
  • Geoffrey Gallice


We here describe the immature stages of a rare Neotropical satyrine butterfly, Chloreuptychia marica (Weymer, 1911), with a report of its natural hostplant based on two individuals reared in southwestern Amazonia (Madre de Dios, Peru). Two eggs obtained in nature passed through four larval instars and reached the adult stage, and the hostplant was identified as Pariana lunata Nees (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Olyreae), a species of herbaceous bamboo. Images of each stage, as well as their duration, are provided herein, and we also illustrate the head capsules of the first and third instars.