Scientific Note: Discovery of apparent wing coupling structures in Calpodes ethlius (Stoll, 1782) (Hesperiidae: Hesperiinae: Calpodini) from Jamaica, West Indies

  • Thomas W. Turner
  • Vaughan A. Turland


Photographs from Jamaica of Calpodes ethlius (Stoll, 1782), at rest on a leaf, were forwarded to the first author, who noticed a pair of dark, ovate structures extended laterally toward the anterior part of the dorsal hindwing. During microscopic examination of these structures, which we term ‘black bars’ and which are located at the base of the dorsal hindwing in pinned specimens, we observed features that appeared to be similar to a frenulum. Examination of the ventral forewing determined that there was also a retinaculum-like structure near the base of that wing. These structures are uniquely placed on each wing when compared to the location of the frenulum and retinaculum found in other Lepidoptera.