Mass emergence of the tropical swallowtail moth Lyssa zampa (Lepidoptera: Uraniidae: Uraniinae) in Singapore, with notes on its partial life history

  • Anuj Jain
  • Yi-Kai Tea


The tropical swallowtail uraniid moth Lyssa zampa is known to exhibit seasonal patterns of mass emergence throughout its range. These cyclical patterns of emergences are thought to correlate closely with oscillating host plant availability, as well as with interactions between herbivory and host plant defences. Because little has been reported concerning the biology of this species, the purpose of this paper is intended to serve as a starting point addressing the natural history of L. zampa in Singapore. Here we report on an instance of mass emergence of L. zampa in Singapore, with brief comments on host plant availability and utilization. We also include a partial life history of the species based on larvae collected from the wild, and reared under controlled conditions.