(Re)generation of Speech Community

The case of G|ui and G||ana of the Central Kalahari


  • Akira Takada Kyoto University


San, Speech community, formal education, non-formal education, informal socialization


Of Chebanne’s many scholarly contributions, I have been inspired by his work on language use among ethnic minorities. Based on my anthropological research among the G|ui and G||ana, this paper examines the social situations in which their languages are imitated. Through this analysis, I show that not only recording imitable grammar and vocabulary but also maintaining activities and places to use such linguistic resources contributes greatly to the reproduction of the speech community. Furthermore, I will argue that the key to promoting the regeneration of a speech community is to activate language practices not only through formal education but also through informal socialization and nonformal education.


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2023-12-17 — Updated on 2023-12-18