How COVID-19 Has Altered The American College Student’s Everyday Life


  • Alyssa Ackbar Florida State University


The initial spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 led to the introduction of policies such as social distancing and quarantine. These policies affect the everyday lives of American college students, particularly their daily rhythms, interactions, and spaces. This article uses a survey conducted on American college students in March of 2020 to deconstruct the specific changes to their everyday lives. In quarantine, American college students saw a drastic shift from normal linear rhythms to cyclical rhythms. Due to the lack of social interaction, they also found new ways to communicate using technology, creating a temporary solution. Lastly, with no differentiation between the workspace and home space, American college students felt an increased need for productivity. The new policies of quarantining and social distancing altered the American college student’s everyday life.

Author Biography

Alyssa Ackbar, Florida State University

Alyssa Ackbar is a second-year Honors student at Florida State University. Originally from Tampa, she is majoring in International Affairs and has not yet declared a concentration. Coupled with her academic career, Alyssa is also a community organizer who works with March For Our Lives and the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence.