Effects of Post-Planting Applications of the Nematicide DBCP to Plantain

  • D. G. Hutton
  • D. C. Chung


DBCP as Nemagon 75 o/o EC was applied at rates of 9.3, 24.4 and 39.9 litres per hectare to 18 week old "Horse" plantains (Musa acuminata x balbisiana AAB) once, or initially and 10 months later. Two and six months after applying the nematicide, treated plants had made more vigorous growth than untreated plants. A greater proportion of plants receiving DBCP treatments bore bunches than untreated plants in the parent and first ratoon crops. Furthermore, treated plants bore heavier bunches than untreated plants. In both crops there were substantially more plants that toppled or were blown over among the untreated than among DBCP treated plants. All-round, the highest dosage rate repeated, gave the most promising results. Control of nematodes is necessary for successful plantain production.