Interactions Between Tannia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium) and the Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne megadora and M. javanica


  • Cristina I. C. Galhano
  • M. F. Ryan
  • M. Susana N. de A. Santos
  • G. Staritsky


Corm Extract, Hatching, Host Suitability, Meloidogyne javanica, M. megadora, Mobility, Mortality, Nematode Development, Root-Knot Nematodes, Root Penetration, Tannia, Xanthosoma sagittifolium


Research was conducted to: 1) evaluate the host suitability of tannia to Meloidogyne megadora and M. javanica and 2) investigate the activity of corm extracts of tannia against these species. M. megadora failed to reproduce in tannia obtained either by vegetative or in vitro propagation. Tannia obtained by vegetative propagation also was a non-host for M. javanica, but plants produced through in vitro propagation allowed development and some reproduction. Few M. megadora J2 penetrated tannia roots 2 days after inoculation (DAI) and there was no further development. M. javanica J2 penetrated the roots but development was suppressed. Only one female with eggs was observed 45 and 60 DAI and adult males (3) were first observed 35 DAI. Tannia corm extract inhibited hatching and caused mortality of M. megadora dose-responsively.