Reaction of Selected Nicotiana spp. x N. tabacum Crosses Grown in Microplots to Three Meloidogyne spp.


  • E. L. Davis
  • J. R. Rich
  • G. R. Gwynn


Meloidogyne spp., Nicotiana spp., Resistance, Root-Knot Nematode, Tobacco


Germplasm from Nicotiana repanda, N. longiflora x N. tabacum crosses (Group 1) and N. repanda x N. tabacum selections (Group 2) were evaluated during 1984-1985 for resistance to Meloidogyne spp. in microplots. In 1984, several Group 1 breeding lines had less root galling and lower soil juvenile populations upon exposure to M. incognita than the susceptible N. tabacum cultivar NC 2326. In both the 1984 and 1985 tests, several Group 1 breeding lines had significantly lower juvenile numbers or gall ratings than N. tabacum cvs. NC 2326 and Speight G-28 when inoculated with M. arenaria and M. javanica. Group 2 breeding lines were highly susceptible to infection by M. javanica and M. arenaria. A "resistant" N. repanda line had the lowest gall rating and soil juvenile populations of the germplasm tested. Yields of most breeding lines were comparable to or higher than the N. tabacum standards in all treatments.