Estudio Sobre la Gama de Hospederos de Una Poblacion de Radopholus similis de Puerto Rico

  • X. Rivas
  • J. Roman
Keywords: Nematoda, Burrowing Nematode, Plantains, Citrus, Chromosome Number, Biotype


The host-range of a population of Radopholus similis collected from plantains in Puerto Rico was studied in the greenhouse. The nematode completed its life cycle in 7 out of 41 plants tested. The highest number of nematodes was recovered from the roots of plantains and bananas. Citrus (5 species), sugarcane, field corn, black pepper, and coffee were among the plants found to be non-hosts. These findings, in addition to the previous ones where it was demonstrated that the nematode has a cromosome number similar to that of the citrus race (n=5), indicate that the population is composed of a biotype or pathogenic variant different from all others described in the literature.