Research Papers: Mycoflora of Young Cysts of Heterodera Glycines in North Carolina Soils

  • B. Ownley Gintis
  • G. Morgan-Jones
  • R. Rodriguez-Kabana
Keywords: Cyst-Nematode Pathology, Biocontrol Agents, Soil Fungi


Sixteen fungi were found colonizing young cream-colored cysts of Heterodera glycines lchinohe on soybean roots in North Carolina soils. Five, namely Exophiala pisciphila McGinnis and Ajello, Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht., Fusarium solant (Mart.) Sacc., Neocosmospora vasinfecta Smith, and Phoma leveillei Boerema and Bollen, were prevalent in all soil samples surveyed. Several other species of Phoma Sacc., were also implicated as early invaders of cysts. Upwards of two thirds of the cysts examined were found to be invaded and many showed signs of disease, bearing discolored, aborted or physiologically disordered eggs. The significance of early colonization is discussed.