Research Papers: Evaluacion de Carbofuran y Aldicarb Para el Control de Paratylenchus en Siembras Comerciales de Crisantemo en Venezuela


  • Julia A. Meredith
  • D. Rivas


Pin Nematode, Chemical Control, Ornamentals


Field experiments were conducted in Venezuela to evaluate carbofuran (Furadan(?) 3G) and aldicarb (Temik(?) 15G) for control of Paratylenchus in commercial chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat) plantations. Nematicides were applied post-transplant, in a band, at the rate of 0.75 g a.i./m in large and small spider mums and in daisy-type chrysanthemums. A randomized block design was used with 11, 8 and 10 replications, respectively, for each flower type. Initial populations of Paratylenchus varied from 480-820/100 cm of soil. Both nematicides produced significant increases in fresh and dry weight in all chrysanthemum types studied. The greatest increase in dry weight was found in small spider mums treated with Furadan which showed 100% increase compared to control plants. Increases obtained with Furadan in both large and small spider mums were significantly greater than those obtained with Temik, but in the daisy-type chrysanthemum, Temik resulted in significantly larger incre