Research Papers: Seasonal Population Fluctuations of Radopholus similis in Roots of "Valery" Banana (Musa acuminata AAA) in the Pacific Banana Growing Region of Panama

  • L. Marcelino
  • M. Viquez
  • R. Tarte
Keywords: Population Dynamics, Rainfall, Burrowing Nematode


Monthly population fluctuations of Radopholus similis in roots of "Valery" banana plants were determined in the Pacific growing region of Panama. Four peaks and depresseions in population densities of the nematode were found throughout the year. Peaks occur in May, September, November and January following corresponding depressions in the former months. The highest peak occurs in November, which is also where the maximum precipitation occurs, followed by May when the rainy season starts. Only depressions occurring in April and August were preceded by reductions in the nematode population densities for three consecutive months, which makes them the most favourable months for application of nematicides.