Research Papers: Effects of Nematicides on Nematode Populations and Yields of Bananas


  • A. Figueroa
  • R. Mora


The work presented in this paper was conducted in the area of Guacimo, Costa Rica, with the objective of testing new nematicides which may help solve the problem of nematode control in banana (Musa acuminata AAA). With this purpose, nematicides were applied to the ground by hand with the following rates a.i. per hectare per application: aldicarb 10 G, 3, 4.5 and 9 kg; sulfocarb 75 W P, 6.75 and 13.5 kg; DBCP (or Fumazone) 19.35 liters and untreated check. Two treatment applications were done during the year. Analyses of Radopholus and Helicotylenchus populations were carried out on a monthly basis. All nematicides reduced these populations significantly, however, DBCP and aldicarb at 4.5 and 9 kg a.i. gave the best results. The latter gave significant increment in production, plant vigor and reduction in the period between flowering to harvest. Aldicarb efficiency was reduced at lower rates. DBCP on the other hand was inefficient in increasing yield and did not reduce the period betw