Nematodos de Banano y Platano (Musa sp.) en Venezuela

  • T. G. Yepez
  • Julia A. Meredith
  • A. Perez


The present paper gives preliminary information about nematodes found in rhizomes and roots of banana (Musa acuminata AAA) and plantain (AAB) as well as in the soil around these crops. Based on information from nematological examinations made by the authors and on literary references concerning Venezuelan material, at present there are no less than 23 species belonging to 19 genera that are associated with the two Musa species. Among these, 3 nematodes recognized as serious pests of these cropes were found: Helocotylenchus multicinctus, Radopholus similis, and Pratylenchus, sometimes all being present in the same sample.