Response of wheat, barley and oat cultivars and accessions to Meloidogyne javanica


  • M. R. Karajeh
  • A. H. Abdel-Ghani
  • N. Al-Majali


A screening was undertaken to assess the reaction of three gramineous crops to Meloidogyne javanica. Fourteen cultivars of barley, seven cultivars of durum wheat and four accessions of oat recently introduced in Jordan, were evaluated by inoculating the test pots with 1000 second stage juveniles (J2) of the nematode or filling them with field soil containing 520 eggs and J2/250 g. Inoculation of J2 showed that two cultivars of barley (Morocco 9-75 and WI2291), one of wheat (Cham 5) and three accessions of oat (O22, O23, O24) appeared to be immune to the nematode, while the other tested cultivars were ranked resistant to M. javanica infection. Using field soil, all of the tested cultivars and accessions were ranked resistant except two cultivars of barley (Rum and Acsad 176) that were susceptible, and one of wheat (Khayar Tunis) that was tolerant.