On the distribution, ecology and biology of Campydora demonstrans Cobb, 1920 (Enoplida, Campydoridae)

  • D. Sturhan


For Campydora demonstrans, which had previously been reported from Greece, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Moldova, Georgia, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the Azores in Europe, from India in Asia and from the USA in the Americas, new records are added for Slovakia, the Canary Islands, Iran, Yemen, Vietnam, USA and particularly for Germany, where C. demonstrans has been found at a total of 49 sites. The nematode was found in a wide range of habitats, with the majority being meadows and other grassland sites. It prefers light sandy or loamy soils, but shows no preference for warm or cold regions. Males were rarely found. The feeding habits are largely unknown, but Campydora is considered to be at least a “particle-feeder”.