Dorylaimoides istvani, a new dorylaimid (Nematoda) species from West Bengal, India

  • P. Dattaray
  • T. Jana
  • A. Chatterjee
  • B. Manna


A new nematode species, Dorylaimoides istvani sp. n., is described and illustrated herein. It was collected from the rhizospheric soil of Lagenaria vulgaris from the village of Duttapukur, district North-24-Parganas, West Bengal, India. It is characterized by medium size (female 1.35-1.68 mm; male 1.29-1.44 mm) with slightly angular lip region, offset from the adjacent body by a constriction; amphid cup-shaped and its opening at the level of the head constriction; odontostyle relatively long and stout; pharynx consisting of a moderately slender and weakly muscular anterior region and basal bulb; genital system didelphic, both genital branches equally developed, ovary reflexed, vulva transverse, vagina occupying more than half (60%) of the corresponding body diameter. An ad-anal pair and 5-7 ventro-median supplements regularly spaced. Tail elongated, filiform with acute terminus similar in sexes (female 112.5-135 μm; male 95-102.5 μm).