First report of Prionchulus kralli (Mononchida: Nematoda) from India with a revised and updated key to species of the genus Prionchulus Cobb, 1916

  • T. Jana
  • P. Dattaray
  • G. Ghosh
  • A. Chatterjee


The species Prionchulus kralli Winiszewska et Susulovsky, 2004 is reported for the first time from India. To date, twenty-nine species of the genus Prionchulus have been described from various parts of the world, but only three have been described from India. Two females but no male specimens of P. kralli were found. They showed body of medium length (L = 1.71 mm, 1.82 mm), 11-12 sub-ventral minute denticles, arranged in two parallel longitudinal rows opposite to the dorsal tooth; long muscular oesophagus with distinct glands; gonad amphidelphic; tail elongate-conoid without any gland and spinneret opening. An updated list of species under the genus Prionchulus Cobb, 1916 and a revised key for their identification are included.