Root-knot and other plant-parasitic nematodes associated with fig trees in Portugal

  • I. M. de O. Abrantes
  • M. C. Vieira dos Santos
  • I. L. P. M. da Conceicao
  • M. S. N. de A. Santos
  • N. Vovlas


A survey was conducted in Portugal to detect root-knot and plant-parasitic nematodes associated with edible fig trees (Ficus carica). Fifty-three soil and root samples were collected in seven Portuguese districts. Fruits from edible fig and wild caprifig trees (F. carica sylvestris) were also collected. Of the genera and species found, Helicotylenchus spp., Heterodera fici, Meloidogyne spp., Paratylenchus sp., Pratylenchus sp., and Xiphinema spp. were the most widely distributed. Root-knot nematodes are probably the nematodes that are most damaging to fig trees. Ogma palmatum, Mesocriconema xenoplax and Schistonchus caprifici are recorded for the first time from Portugal.