Description of plant parasitic nematodes associated with coffee in Ethiopia

  • T. Mekete
  • R. A. Sikora
  • S. Kiewnick
  • J. Hallmann


A nematode survey was conducted in the major coffee (Coffea arabica) agroecologies of Ethiopia during 2004 and 2006. Soil samples were collected from 132 different coffee plantations and examined in the laboratory. Plant parasitic nematodes of the orders Tylenchida and Dorylaimida were examined taxonomically. Four species of Helicotylenchus (H. dihystera, H. multicinctus, H. californicus and H. gerti), one of Scutellonema (S. paralabiatum), one of Rotylenchus (R. unisexus), one of Tylenchorhynchus (T. agri), one of Quinisulcius (Q. capitatus), Xiphinema insigne, X. basilgoodeyi and two non-identified populations of the Xiphinema americanum group were found. Detailed descriptions, including morphometrics, illustrations and key features are given for each species. Scutellonema paralabiatum, Tylenchorhynchus agri, Q. capitatus, Xiphinema insigne, X. basilgoodeyi and X. americanum-group are first records for Ethiopia.