Environmentally safe compounds for controlling the Javanese root-knot nematode in pots

  • S. N. Ami
  • B. S. Sipes


The efficacy of Vermicompost, Drangonfire-CPP, Actigard, and DiTera against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica was determined in a greenhouse test. These compounds with low environmental impact were applied as pre- and postplant treatments to cowpea plants growing in a mixture of Hawaii soil and sand in pots. Nematode populations/plant and root galling, after 8 weeks, were suppressed in all treatments, although none was as effective as fenamiphos. Plant growth was also enhanced as compared to the untreated control. Pre-plant applications of Vermicompost, Dragonfire, and DiTera were more effective than their post-plant applications. Under the controlled conditions of the experiment, these compounds showed promise as safer alternatives to traditional nematicides like fenamiphos.