Genetics of resistance in wheat against the cereal cyst nematode, Heterodera avenae Woll.

  • . Pankaj
  • Chitra Singh
  • Deepika Rohatgi
  • S. M. S. Tomar
  • Anil Sirohi
  • H. S. Gaur
  • Veer Kishor
  • S. P. Bishnoi
  • Rajeev Kumar
  • S. M. Yadav


The genetics of resistance of wheat to Heterodera avenae was studied with respect to F1, F2, and backcross progenies of cross combinations Raj 1482 × CCNRV 4, Raj 1482 × Raj MR 1, and Raj 1482 × AUS 15854. All F1 were found resistant to cereal cyst nematode and the F2 population segregated in a 3 resistant : 1 susceptible ratio. Thus, the resistance gene showed monogenic dominance over susceptibility. The back cross (test cross) segregated in a 1 resistant : 1 susceptible ratio, once again confirming the monogenic dominant nature of the resistance gene.