Concerning a Swedish population of Heterodera ripae Subbotin, Sturhan, Waeyenberge et Moens, 2003

  • S. Andersson
  • S. Manduric


Based on morphological and morphometric characters, a Swedish population of cyst nematodes from Urtica dioica was identified as Heterodera humuli by Andersson (1979). Subbotin et al. (1997) found that cyst nematode populations on U. dioica and Humulus lupulus could also belong to a species very similar to H. humuli and until then not described. A re-examination of our population in 2006, also using molecular biology facilities now available, indicates that the nematode reported in 1979 belongs to that species, H. ripae Subbotin, Sturhan, Waeyenberge et Moens, 2003. Heterodera humuli has not so far been found in Sweden. There are indications that also the species in reports by other authors may have been H. ripae rather than H. humuli.