Infectivity of two Turkish isolates of Steinernema feltiae (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) against Rhagoletis cerasi and Ceratitis capitata


  • I. Kepenekci
  • A. Susurluk


Two isolates (‘All type’ and ‘S3’) from Turkey of Steinernema feltiae were tested for their ability to infect pupae of Rhagoletis cerasi and Ceratitis capitata at the rates of 25, 50 and 100 infective juveniles (IJs)/0.2 ml distilled water per pupa and at three different temperatures: 10, 15 and 25 °C. The mortality of the pupae was assessed 72 hours after application. There was no significant mortality of pupae of either insect pest at 10 °C and 15 °C. Significant mortality of both insects occurred at 25 °C at the rate of 50 and 100 IJs per pupae. The mortality of C. capitata was of 26.6% and 33.3% by ‘All type’ and 30% and 40% by ‘S3’, and that of R. cerasi of 10% and 16.6 % by ‘All type’ and 23.6% and 23.3% by ‘S3’, at the rate of 50 and 100 IJs, respectively. No significant difference was observed in the number of IJs extracted from pupae of different treatments. The Turkish isolates of S. feltiae could be useful for an integrated pest management programme of R. cerasi and C. capitata in Turkey.