First record of Xiphinema rivesi associated with grape vines in Western Australia

  • S. B. Sharma
  • S. McKirdy
  • A. Mackie
  • F. Lamberti


In January 2001, leaves of a number of grapevines cv. Cabernet Sauvignon were found to exhibit symptoms of strong chlorosis with shortening of internodes. The vines were growing in the Albany area of the Great Southern Region of Western Australia. The symptoms were initially thought to be due to infection of an unidentified nepovirus; however, generic and specific nepovirus PCR and ELISA tests were negative. Soil samples collected from this vineyard revealed that a population of a dagger nematode species (Xiphinema sp.) was predominant. Based on detailed morphometric measurements the dagger nematode species was identified as Xiphinerna rivesi Dalmasso. Juveniles of a rootknot nematode species (Meloidogyne sp.) were present in low numbers.