Investigations on Ditylenchus dipsaci damaging carrot in Italy


  • N. Greco
  • A. Brandonisio
  • P. Boncoraglio


Investi~rl(i()ns wcrc lIndel'wkcn in somhern haly from September to the following March on t.11~ epidemiology of rill Apuli:m ,md a Siciiinn population of DilY/Nlehus d;pmei, on Cllfrot lInd~r field conditions. The host Sl!\IL!~ of various plants to the Sicilirlll populution of tile l1cl11<1tode was also as~st."(1. In Apulia, nematode infection 011 cnrrOl sown in early September staffed :II (:lld o( Octoi:x:r 011 the 1(',lVcs and in early December on rhe tap roots. L(:af death rmd lap rOOl rot \verc (lbse rved the following ) .\Iluary on ll1anIr(:: plants. On c!rro! $()wn one month 1:lIer, nematode infection occurred by the beginning of November and ,l:r~:lIly sl!ppr("Ss~""(! plant growth. In Sicily, on carrot sown in (."';1 riy Ol10bcr. infection was observeJ on ;lerial plant parts at end of November .1l1d 011 tap roots ill mid Deccmber. Leuf death and tap root rot occurred a.t the end of January. Early symptoms of ncm; lIodc a!t:Kk w\.'re stnlddkxlle:lvcs. multj-bud phuu crowns and discolo ration of the tops o{ tap rOOL '111C portion of the plant most :It'fl~ct~~d by D. dijlJ'lId w"s [hat 2--1 em helow and above ground. '111c Sicilian population of the nCnl<ltode reproduced on carrot . brond beall. oats. rye. italiall rye grass, celery, A,,,,,,; m(Jjus and Gilli/(III II/Illrilll'.