Reaction of wild Cicer spp. lines to Heterodera ciceri

  • K. B. Singh
  • M. Di Vito
  • N. Greco
  • M. C. Saxena


Twenty three lines of Cicer bijugum, five of C. ehorassanieum, three of C. euneatum, four of C. eehinospermum, forty seven of C. judaieum, thirty of C. pinnati!idum, twenty three of C. retieulatum, and two of C. yamashitae, were screened for their reaction to Heterodera eieeri. None of the tested lines was free of nematode attack but 91 % of the C. bijugum lines were rated < 2 on a 0-5 point scale and therefore considered resistant to H. eieeri. All lines of other Cicer spp. were rated susceptible to highly susceptible to H. ciceri.