Studies on the genus Paratrophurus Arias (Nematoda: Tylenchida) with description of two new species

  • P. Castillo
  • M. R. Siddiqi
  • A. Gomez-Barcina


Details are given of the morphology and morphometry of four known and two new species of the genus Paratrophurus. The diagnosis of the genus is amended and a new combination, Tylenchorhynchus sudanensis, is proposed for Paratrophurus sudanensis Decker, Yassin et E1-Amin, 1975. Distribution of Paratrophurus species is examined and a differential key for species is provided. The two new species proposed and described are: Paratrophurus kleynsi from South Africa and P. striatus from Spain. The known species briefly redescribed are P. acristylus from Morocco, P. costarricensis from Venezuela, P. looli from Spain and P. spenceri from USA.