Morpho-anatomy of Tylenchorhynchus leviterminalis from the People's Republic of China

  • N. Vovlas
  • H. Cheng


Tylenchorhynchus crassicaudatus leviterminalis Siddiqi, Mukherjee et Dasgupta, was described in 1981 from a West Bengal (India) population and differentiated from the closely related subspecies T. crassicaudatus crassicaudatus Williams, 1960 in having a «low, smooth and continuous lip region, smaller and posteriorly sloping spear knobs and terminal tail annulus larger in size». Siddiqi (1986) recognized T. leviterminalis at the specific level. In November 1984 a bisexual species of Tylenchorhynchus was extracted from soil samples collected from the rhizosphere of strawberry (Fraga ria sp.) in Nanjing, China. Morphological studies on females and males made by light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) on this population, confirmed that the species was conspecific with T. leviterminalis. This note extends the variability of the principal descriptive characters and emphasizes the most important external features.