The occurrence of Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida in Portugal


  • Maria Susana N. De A. Santos
  • M. Fatima M. Fernandez


Potato cyst-nematodes were first detected in Portugal in 1956 (Macara, 1962) and subsequently some other infestations were found (Macara, 1963, 1963a; Louro and Raposo, 1975; Louro, 1978). All records are of Clobodera rastochiensis (Woll.) Behrens. Pereira (1979) mentioned that one Portuguese sample tested in The Netherlands contained C. pallida (Stone) Behrens. Since 1979 there has been no further report. Morphological features and morphometrics for the identification of G. rastochiensis have been studied in only one of the populations (Ma,cara, 1962, 1963a). In 1983 Abreu and Martins (personal communication) started a project which included proposals to survey all potato growing areas in Tnis-os-Montes, north Portugal. Until now over 1,000 soil samples have been collected and the cysts have been extracted using the Fenwick can. The objective of our work was to identify the species and contribute to the knowledge of the distribution of these nematodes in Portugal.