Taxonomic studies on nematodes associated with the rhizosphere of forest tree in India. I. Two nematode species of the order Mononchida

  • Arjun Lal
  • E. Khan


Two new species of mononchids are described and illustrated. Paramylonchulus lapidus sp. n. resembles P. mulveyi Jairajpuri, 1970 and P. index Cobb, 1906 but differs from P. mulveyi in having a smaller body (L=0.69-0.89 mm), lower ¬ęCll value, more anteriorly located vulva (V=74-76) and distinct excretory pore; from P. index in having narrow buccal cavity, subventral walls bearing 4 rows of denticles, absence of sphincter and greater c' value. Miconchus elegans sp. n. is differentiated from the closely related M. dalhousiensis J airajpuri, 1969 and M. citri Khan, Ahmad et J airajpuri, 1978 in having a smaller body (L = 1.52-1.59 mm), greater tail length and presence of caudal pores.