Longidoridae (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from Bahia State, Brazil


  • F. Rashid
  • A. Coomans
  • R. D. Sharma


Six species of Longidoridae arc descl'ibed from Bahia State Brazil. Three of them are new, belonging to the genera Xiphinema, Xiphidorus and Longidoroides, but only the Xiphidorus species is named, due to lack of specimens for the other two. Xiphillema sp. is closely related to X. krugi Lordello, 1955 and X. dimidiaillm Loaf 1'1 Sharma, 1977. It is distinguished from the former species by its longer anterior female genital branch and muscular structure of the uterus and from the latter by the absence of sclerotized spines in the uterus and by the structure of the uterus. Xiphidorus minor n.sp. is distinguished from all previouslv described species by the very short uterus. It resembles X. saladillensis Chaves ct Coomans, 1984 but it can be differentiated bv head-, amphid, and tail-shape and by a relatively longer stylet and pharyngeal bulb. Longidoroidcs sp. can be distinguished from all described species by the long stylet and habitus. Some further informations are given about Xiphinema krugi, X. ifacolum and x. vulgare.