Longidorus fasciatus Roca et Lamberti vector of a serologically distinct strain of artichoke Italian latent virus Greece

  • F. Roca
  • G. L. Rana
  • P. E. Kyriakopoulou


A strain of artichoke Italian latent virus (AILV) was recently found infecting artichoke (Cynara cardunculus v. scolymus L.) plants in the Argos area of Peloponnesus, in Greece (Rana and Kyriakopoulou, 1982). Infected plants were patchily distributed in the field and appeared yellowish and stunted (Fig. 1). Soil samples from the rhizosphere of these plants contained large numbers (500-600 individuals per 1/2 kg soil) of a dorylaimoid nematode described as a new species, Longidorus fasciatus, by Roca and Lamberti (1981). The ability of this nematode to transmit AILV was tested and the results of the transmission trials are reported in this paper.