Statistical analysis of variability in a population of Parahadronchus shakili (Nematoda)


  • N. Ahmad
  • M. S. Jairajpuri


It is well established that morphological characters vary among the individuals of a species, though the extent of variation may differ. The variations may be geographical, ecophenotypic or host induced. Several workers have studied these variations in different species of nematodes (Goodey, 1952; Rhode and Jenkins, 1957; Bird and Mai, 1965; Fisher, 1965; De Grisse and Loof, 1970; Bajaj and Jairajpuri, 1977 a and b; Geraert, 1978 a and b; 1979; Loof and Sharma, 1979; Baqri and Ahmad, 1981). Studies on Parahadronchlls shakili (Jairajpuri, 1969) Mulvey, 1978 have shown that there are variations in the specimens, not only from different localities and habitats but also in a single population. In this paper, these variations in a single natural population in adults and juveniles of P. shakili collected from soil around roots of Litchi chinensis Sonn Company Gardens, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh have been statistically analysed.