Scanning electron microscope observations on the morphology of Tylenchorhynchus aduncus

  • N. Vovlas
  • S. Cham


Tylenchorhynchus aduncus De Guiran was described in 1967 and transferred to Tetylenchus Filipjev by Tarjan in 1973. After the suppression of this genus (Sher, 1973; Siddiqi, 1979) the species was replaced in Tylenchorhynchus. Most of the morphological studies of Tylenchorhynchus species have been based on observations with the light microscope. Observations with the scanning electron microscope (SEM) have been made on only five species: T. cylindricus, T. goffarti, T. lamelliferus, T. maximus and T. phaseoli (Sher and Bell, 1975; De Grisse, 1977 and 1979). There is also a lack of biological information on T. aduncus. This note describes characters of this species seen by SEM, and gives information on its distribution in Italy.