Xiphinema mediterraneum Martelli et Lamberti a junior synonym of X. pachtaicum (Tulaganov) Kijanova


  • M. R. Siddiqi


Xiphinema mediterraneum Martelli et Lamberti was first described by these two authors in 1967 on the basis of previous studies by M. B. Lima who also named this nematode in an unpublished thesis, Coomans and Loof (1969) suggested that Martelli and Lamberti should be considered the original authority for the species and invited them to redescribe the nematode in detail and to establish the type locality and material in accordance with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. This was done by Lamberti and Martelli in 1971. Unfortunately at the time of the description the authors overlooked the existence of a species described as Longidorus pachtaicus by Tulaganov in 1938 and transferred to the genus Xiphinema Cobb by Kirjanova in 1951 (see also Kirjanova and Krall, 1971). In 1975 we had the opportunity of studying and measuring the holotype of Longidorus pachtaicus and other specimens of this species in the collection of the Zoological Institute in Leningrad, USSR and conclude that X. pachtaicum is not distinguishable from X. mediterraneum. The latter species must therefore be considered a junior synonym of the former in the binomen: X iphinema pachtaicum (Tulaganov, 1938) Kirjanova, 1951; synonym: Longidorus pachtaicus Tulaganov, 1938. Xiphinema mediterraneum Martelli and Lamberti, 1967; X iphinema mediterraneum Martelli and Lamberti in Lamberti and Martelli, 1971; Prot a et al., 1971; Arias and Navacerrada, 1973; Lamberti et al., 1973; Manolache and Romascu, 1973; Morone De Lucia and Grimaldi De Zio, 1973; Grimaldi De Zio and Morone De Lucia, 1974; Arias 1975; Bleve Zacheo et al., 1975; Brown, 1975; Choleva, 1975; Cohn, 1975; Lamberti et al., 1975; Luc and Dalmasso, 1975; Weischer, 1975; Bleve Zacheo et ai., 1976; Lamberti et at., 1976; Roca and Lamberti, 1976. A full description and illustrations of the holotype of X. pachtaicum will be published in C.I.H. Descriptions of Plant-parasitic Nematodes, Set 7.