0149. A review of the genus <I>Agapetus</I> Curtis (Trichoptera: Glossosomatidae) in eastern and central North America, with description of 12 new species

  • David A. Etnier
  • Charles R. Parker
  • John T. Baxter Jr.
  • Todd M. Long
Keywords: Trichoptera, Glossosomatidae, Agapetus, new species, North America


Twenty-nine species of caddisflies in the genus Agapetus Curtis in eastern and central North America are reviewed. Twelve are described as new species: Agapetus aphallus (known only from females); Agapetus baueri, Agapetus flinti, Agapetus harrisi, Agapetus hesperus, Agapetus ibis, Agapetus kirchneri, Agapetus meridionalis, Agapetus pegram, Agapetus ruiteri, Agapetus stylifer, and Agapetus tricornutus. Agapetus rossi Denning 1941 is recognized as a junior subjective synonym of Agapetus walkeri (Betten and Mosely 1940), new synonym. A key to males is provided, and species' distributions are mapped.