<I>Xalpirta</I> , n. gen., and <I>Neoxestus</I> Crotch (1876) from Chile and South America (Coleoptera: Erotylidae Tritominae)

  • Paul E. Skelley
  • Thomas Cekalovic K.


Members of the genera Neoxestus Crotch (1876) and Xalpirta, n. gen., are reviewed. Neoxestus is an endemic Chilean genus of flightless species. Xalpirta has 9 species restricted to southern South America, most of which are found only in Chile. New species described are Neoxestus cauquenes, N. lucile, N. nachuelbuta, N. nonguen, N. norma, Xalpirtaelsa, X. stellaris, X. arnetti, and X. peckorum. A new name, Xalpirta guerini, nom. nov., is proposed for the species Triplax bicolor Guerin (1952). Diagnoses, keys to species, maps and illustrations are provided for the genera and species.