Four new stygobiontic beetles (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae; Noteridae; Elmidae)


  • Paul J. Spangler


Four new species and three new genera at stygobiontic beetles are described: Dytiscidae: Siamoporus deharvengi, new genus, new species from Thailand; Sinodytes hubbardi, new genus, new species, from China; Noteridae: Speonoterus bedosae, new genus, new species, from Indonesia; Elmidae: Neoelmis sketi, new species, from Ecuador. All of the taxa were collected from aquatic habitats in caves and bring the total known stygobiontic beetles to 23 species, 1 subspecies, and 20 genera, in 5 families. A list of the described stygobiontic beetles is included. Line drawings and/or micrographs illustrate the taxa and a map shows the type localities.