New Country and State Records, and Other Notes for Mexican Buprestidae (Coleoptera)

  • Richard L. Westcott
  • Thomas H. Atkinson
  • Henry A. Hespenheide
  • G.H. Nelson


Treatment is provided for 224 species and subspecies in the genera Acherusia, Acmaeodera, Actenodes, Agaeocera, Agrilus, Anthaxia, Brachys, Buprestis, Chalcangium, Chrysobothris, Colobogaster, Cyphothorax, Dicerca, Dismorpha, Euchroma, Hiperantha, Hylaeogena, Leiopleura, Lius, Mixochlorus, Omochyseus, Pachyschelus, Polycesta, Psiloptera, Spectralia, Taphrocerus, Tetragonoschema, Thrincopyge, Trypantius and Tyndaris. Of these, 44 are recorded for the first time from Mexico and 175 represent new state records Adult host and/or habitat information is provided, usually from the label data, for 93 of the taxa. Larval host records are indicated for Chrysobothris analis LeConte, C. capitata Gory and Laporte, C. multistigmosa (Mannerheim) and C. sallei Waterhouse. Acmaeodera sinaloensis Duges has been discovered to breed in bamboo. A major taxonomic character of C. multistigmosa is discussed.