New host records for Nearctic and Neotropical spider wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae)


  • Frank E. Kurczewski
  • Rick C. West
  • Cecilia Waichert


Citizen science, Actinopodidae, Idiopidae, Sicariidae, Cybaeidae, Pimoidae, Pepsis, Priocnessus, Ageniella, Poecilopompilus, Tachypompilus, Anoplius


We present new and atypical host records for 78 species, subspecies, species-groups, and variants of spider wasps (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from North America and South America. The records are listed in modified taxonomic order following the Catalog of Hymenoptera in America North of Mexico, Volume 2, Apocrita (Aculeata) (Krombein 1979). These records are an extension of previous host records reported by Kurczewski (2010), Kurczewski and Edwards (2012), and Kurczewski et al. (2017, 2020, 2022b). New genus and species host records are given for the genera and subgenera Calopompilus Ashmead, Chirodamus Haliday, Pepsis Fabricius, Hemipepsis Dahlbom, Priocnessus Banks, Entypus Dahlbom, Pompilocalus Roig-Alsina, Priocnemis Schiødte, Auplopus Spinola, Ageniella Banks, ?Aridestus Banks, Agenioideus (Agenioideus) Ashmead, Sericopompilus Howard, Episyron Schiødte, Poecilopompilus Ashmead, Tachypompilus Ashmead, Lophopompilus Radoszkowski, Notiochares Banks, Arachnophroctonus Howard, Anoplius Dufour, Xerochares Evans, Ammosphex Wilcke, Arachnospila Kincaid, and Priochilus Banks. New host families are presented for species of Chirodamus (Pycnothelidae), Pepsis (Actinopodidae, Idiopidae, Lycosidae), Priocnessus (Lycosidae), Pompilocalus (Barychelidae), Priocnemis (Araneidae), Ageniella (Trechaleidae), ?Aridestus (Theraphosidae), Agenioideus (Agenioideus) (Pimoidae), Tachypompilus (Theraphosidae, Amaurobiidae, Sicariidae), Lophopompilus (Tracheleidae), Arachnophroctonus (Theraphosidae), and Anoplius (Corinnidae, Cybaeidae). First-time host spider families are introduced for Chirodamus hirsutulus (Spinola) (Pycnothelidae), Pepsis albocinta Smith (Actinopodidae), P. elevata Fabricius (Theraphosidae, Lycosidae), P. plutus Erichson (Theraphosidae), P. amyntas Mocsáry (Actinopodidae), P. ?chrysoptera Burmeister (Pycnothelidae), P. viridisetosa Spinola (orange-winged variant) (Theraphosidae); Priocnessus apache Banks (Agelenidae), P. nebulosus (Lycosidae), P. nuperus (Cresson) (Agelenidae, Lycosidae), Entypus velutinus (Taschenberg) (Ctenidae), Pompilocalus nemequene Roig-Alsina (Barychelidae), Priocnemis sp. (Araneidae), Auplopus comparatus (Smith) (Sparassidae), Ageniella (Ageniella) coronata Banks (Gnaphosidae), Ageniella (Ageniella) cupida (Cresson) species-group (Agelenidae), Ageniella (Ameragenia) sanguinolenta (Smith) (Trechaleidae), ?Aridestus bergi (Holmberg) (Theraphosidae), Agenioideus (Agenioideus) humilis (Cresson) (Pimoidae), Poecilopompilus costatus (Taschenberg) (Araneidae), P. familiaris (Banks) (Thomisidae), P. fervidus (Smith) (Araneidae), Tachypompilus ferrugineus (Amaurobiidae), T. pallidus (Banks) (Theraphosidae), T. unicolor cerinus Evans (Sicariidae), Tachypompilus sp. (Theraphosidae), Anoplius (Lophopompilus) carolina (Banks) (Trachelidae), Anoplius (Notiochares) triquetrus (Fox) (Lycosidae), Anoplius (Arachnophroctonus) vividus (Smith) (Theraphosidae), ?Anoplius (Anoplius) imbellis Banks (Cybaeidae), Anoplius triquetrus (Fox)(Lycosidae), Anoplius sp. [undescribed] (Corinnidae), Arachnospila imitatrix Wahis or A. trochilinus (Holmberg) (Lycosidae), A. titicacaensis (Strand) (Lycosidae), and Priochilus regius (Fabricius) (Cyrtaucheniidae). Actinopodidae (mouse spiders), Idiopidae (true trapdoor spiders), Sicariidae (recluse and violin spiders), Cybaeidae (water spiders), and Pimoidae are reported as first-time pompilid host spider families. Our new records on nesting behavior and host spiders for the diverse family Pompilidae highlight the valuable information provided by citizen science and the use of such platforms as