A segmented and clawed male foreleg in a newly described genus and species of eumaeine butterfly (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)


  • Robert K. Robbins
  • Christophe Faynel
  • Jason P. W. Hall
  • Robert C. Busby


Male genitalia, male secondary sexual organs, Theclinae, wing pattern


Grishinata Robbins and Busby, new genus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Eumaeini), possesses a five-segmented foretarsus with a clawed pretarsus, a trait that differentiates it from all eumaeine genera except Theclopsis Godman and Salvin. Grishinata penny Busby, Hall, and Robbins, new species, differs from all species of Theclopsis (and most Eumaeini) in lacking male secondary sexual organs on the wings or in the abdomen. It is recorded from the eastern slope of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru. We cannot place Grishinata penny in an existing Eumaeini genus based upon its wing pattern, male foreleg structure, lack of male secondary sexual organs, and male genitalic morphology. We propose names for the genus and species to document its leg morphology and to provide a name for a genome sequencing project, which will allow us to place the genus in the eumaeine Linnaean hierarchy.