Three new species of Phaea Newman(Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), with discussion of the need forand designation of a lectotype for Phaea rufiventris Bates


  • James E. Wappes
  • Antonio Santos-Silva


Tetraopini, Latin America, longhorned beetles, North America, taxonomy


Three new species of Phaea Newman, 1840 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) are described from Mexico: P.quadrimaculata Wappes and Santos-Silva, new species; P.aurantia Wappes and Santos-Silva, new species; and the third, P.tavakiliani Wappes and Santos-Silva, new species, whose specimens were found within the type series of Phaea rufiventris Bates, 1872. Hence, a lectotype is designated for the latter and the new species is described herein.


[The first author, James E. Wappes, submitted this manuscript and initially served as the corresponding au-thor, but passed away prior to its publication.]