Description of two new genera and a taxonomic key to the world genera of Cybocephalidae (Coleoptera)


  • Trevor Randall Smith


Cybocephalus, Microthomas, Conglobatus, scale predator, taxonomy


The sixteen genera of Cybocephalidae (Coleoptera) occurring worldwide are listed and keyed. The genera included are Amedissia Kirejtshuk and Mantič, Apastillus Kirejtshuk and Mantič, Cybocephalus Erichson, Endrodiellus Endrödy-Younga, Eupastillus Lawrence, Hierronius Endrödy-Younga, Horadion Endrödy-Younga, Pacicephalus Kirejtshuk and Mantič, Pastillocenicus Kirejtshuk and Nel, Pastillodes Endrödy-Younga, Pastillus Endrödy-Younga, Pycnocephalus Sharp, Taxicephomerus Kirejtshuk, Theticephalus Kirejtshuk, a description of a new genus, Microthomas T. R. Smith, with one new species, M. brevicornis T. R. Smith, from Bolivia, and a new genus, Conglobatus T. R. Smith, with two new species, C. armatus T. R. Smith from Central and South America and C. fullertoni T. R. Smith from Dominica. A key to genera, illustrations of morphological features, and distributional data are provided. The genus Nodola Bréthes is found to be a new synonym of Cybocephalus Erichson. The transfer of Nodola chilensis Bréthes into Cybocephalus creates a secondary homonymy with C. chilensis Reitter. Nodola chilensis Bréthes is here given a new name, Cybocephalus brethesi T. R. Smith.