Notes, new records, new combinations, a new genus and three new species in Hemilophini (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae)


  • Antonio Santos-Silva
  • Daniel Heffern
  • Juan Pablo Botero
  • Francisco Eriberto de L. Nascimento


Central America, longhorned beetles, South America, taxonomy


The number of specimens in the type series of Hemilophus leuconotus Laporte, 1840 (= Cirrhicera leuconota) is corrected. Cirrhicera leucronota Thomson, 1857 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae: Hemilophini), currently considered lapsus calami or an error to C. leuconotus, and the number of specimens in the type series is also corrected. Cirrhicera leuconota is recorded from Guatemala for the first time. The sex of the holotype of Lamacoscylus albatus Martins, Santos-Silva and Galileo, 2015, is corrected, and a new state record in Mexico is provided. The description of the antennae in females of Lamacoscylus Martins and Galileo,1991 is discussed; Malacoscylus humilis Bates,1881 (currently Lamacoscylus humilis) sensu Gahan (1892) is discussed and the two varieties described by him, M. humilis var. fulvescens and M. humilis var. grisescens (only part of the speci-mens), as well as M. usingeri Linsley,1935 are transferred to Schmidarius Santos-Silva, Heffern, Botero and Nascimento, new genus. Additionally, a new species from Mexico (Mexico) is described in Schmidarius as S. kondratieffi Santos-Silva, Heffern, Botero and Nascimento. The correct type-species of Phoebe Audinet-Serville,1835 is determined as Saperda bicornis Olivier,1800 and Phoebe phoebe Lepeletier and Audinet-Serville,1825 and Phoebe tinga Martins and Galileo,1998 are transferred to Phoebella Lane,1966, which is redescribed. Leucophoebe Lane,1976 is synonymized with Phoebe. A key to species of Hemilophini with 12-segmented antennae is provided. The differences between Callanga Lane,1973 and Lapazina Lane,1973 are discussed, and a new species of Callanga from Peru is described as C. ashaninka Santos-Silva, Heffern, Botero and Nascimento. A new species of Fredlanea Martins and Galileo,1996 from Colombia is described as F. lazulina Santos-Silva, Heffern, Botero and Nascimento; a new department record in Colombia is provided for Fredlanea consobrina (Lane,1970) and a chromatic variation in this species is discussed.